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Change is Hard.

When Mark Twain said that “the only person who likes change is a wet baby, he may have been on to something. Change is hard. In fact, scientific studies show that when faced with preventable conditions like heart attacks or business crises, only one out of nine people are able to change in a way that benefits them.

There's a Better Way.

Change doesn't have to be so hard. We created PIVOT ZONE to empower organizations to better deal with unexpected disruptions so they can prosper instead of struggle in the face of turbulent change. Our unique methods and frameworks are designed to spark curiosity, ignite innovation and leverage change more easily and effectively. If change is the only constant, it’s time to get better at it.

We Are Experts at Leveraging Change

Strategic Consulting

Leverage change to transform disruptions into golden opportunities. We offer a wide range of services to help create actionable and surprising solutions to help you grow and transform your business in today's tumultuous times. 

Revenue Generating

 Discover your organization's hidden assets and find untapped sources of revenue. Our secret power enables you to dramatically shift your perspective and reveals novel ways to instigate new thinking, bold action, and big profits.

Inspirational Speaking

Our speakers will leave your audience with immediate and actionable steps they can take to reshape your company’s culture, create a space where innovation thrives, and team members are more engaged and rewarded to think differently.

Creativity Boosting

Future-proof your talent. Teach your team to tap into their innate creativity to generate ideas and spark ingenuity. We use design thinking and innovative tools to break-through outdated paradigms and identify new opportunities for immediate results.  

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Reach your goals faster, become more effective, and avoid burnout. Our coaching program helps you boost your venture's bottom line, maximize your professional performance, and show you how to create better balance. 

Culture Creating

Make innovative thinking and creativity part of your team's daily mindset, not something you constantly need to spark. Enhance your culture to build resilience, drive higher morale, improve retention, and ensure sustainable growth. .


Opposites Attract, Common Values Win.

Andrea and Jennifer are at opposite ends of a spectrum regarding, well, most everything. They have different behavioral styles, communication patterns, thinking paradigms, and work modes. These differences are what make them highly effective as an advisory team. We believe the secret to creating positive, high-impact growth starts by illuminating the rich diversity within an organization. We show you how to develop and sustain a culture that can not only position you for change but can catapult your organization into the forefront as a change leader. We partner with you to reshape your business by developing a pivot mindset and positioning you to leverage incredible opportunities that dynamic disruptions can deliver. Today, the battle for business is more intense than ever; we show you how to win.


More About Our Founders

Although Jennifer and Andrea are pretty different in many ways, they both have a passion for empowering people. They believe that organizations can have a bigger impact and better results when they know how to leverage disruptions into positive change to make the world a better place for everyone. Also, they both love to drive anything that goes fast.

    Jennifer Cummings


    With her revolutionary approach to revenue generation and marketing, Jennifer has won international respect in the business and non-profit sectors. Using strategic and disruptive thinking, she teaches business professionals to create quantum growth. With these same strategies, Jennifer went from being a functionally illiterate juvenile delinquent at 15 to a highly sought-after speaker and revenue generation expert by 32. She earned a Master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. An economist by training, a marketer by inclination, and an innovator at heart, Jennifer leverages 30+ years of real-world experience to transform disruption into opportunities. In a constantly changing world, she guarantees high-impact, positive results.

    Andrea Chanawatr


    As a behind-the-scenes strategist, Andrea Chanawatr creates exponential growth for small businesses and large corporations alike. She brings a combination of traditional corporate finance experience and out-of-the-box entrepreneurial mentoring to her CFO work. She is the money mastermind behind some of Hollywood's highest-grossing actors, Super Bowl and NBA champions, Billboard chart-toppers, and several of Silicon Beach's hottest startups. Andrea's humor and radical transparency take the fear out of finance and remove the mystery around building wealth. She has a BA in International Economics from UCLA and an MBA in finance and operations from USC Marshall School of Business.

Together, They Have the Combined Experience of Working on 1,750 Projects Over the Last 20 Years







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Disruption into Positive Change

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